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Team Dark

Conant, Oliver

Cummings, James

Fish, Austin

Knowlton, Henry

Lulley, Abigail

Newcomb, Owen

Petrucci, Hunter

Roballo, Jacoby

Tazziz, Quinn

Thompson, Rex

Truman, Heidi (G)


Team Light

Alexander, Charles

Cardeiro, Owen

Castleberry, Colby

Clancy, Jack

Downs, Jack (G)

Durepo, Alex

Grant, Trey

Jupin, Cara

Jupin, Zachary

Quintal, Jacob

Read, Logan


**We will be looking for volunteers for goalie each week**


Players on team dark please come with a dark jersey and players on team light with a light color

Masks MUST be worn at all times on and off the ice, locker rooms will be available, 1 parent per child please